Friday, February 10, 2006


Y’know, if you’re going to try to bullshit your country about some four-year-old terrorist “plot” and follow Herr Karl’s plan to seize “breaking the law” and make it your own, at least know what you’re lying about!

Curious George made an appearance in Los Angeles in order to prop up his anemic poll numbers and blabbed all kinds of “details” about something the rest of us all knew about a long time ago. . . and when I say, “details,” I mean the sketchy crap that passes for intelligence these days. . . and when I say, “the rest of us,” I mean everybody but President Bush.

Watching Bush deliver his speech makes it very clear: this 2002 story is something he’s just learning. How do I know this? Watch the President’s face (oh I wish this blog had video capabilities) as he talks of the plot to crash an airliner into LA’s “Liberty Tower.” He looks up and says “Liberty Tower” with complete conviction. . . and when I say, “complete conviction,” I mean complete false conviction, because THERE IS NO SUCH FUCKING BUILDING IN LOS ANGELES!

The building is commonly called “Library Tower” (even though it’s officially US Bank Tower—catchy, huh?), and I’d guess that’s what was written out for the President. And, I’m guessing that Bush just misread “Library” (not recognizing the word, never having been to such a place) as “Liberty.” But the fact is that he didn’t catch himself, recognize his mistake, and correct it—and from the tape, it's clear why: he thinks the building is called “Liberty Tower.”

If this was as big a deal as the White House now makes it out to be, then the President would have been briefed over and over about the Library Tower plot, both back in 2002, and again now, when the “information” was declassified. (btw, Scott McClellan admitted Thursday the administration didn’t seek to declassify this story until about three weeks ago. . . hmmmm.) But, either this wasn’t a big deal—then or now—or Bush was kept completely out of the loop, because it was clear that HE HAD NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT. The fact that the Prez tried to “sell” it just makes that all the more obvious.

Many parts of this story have raised eyebrows. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says he wasn’t given any advanced notice of this speech. The ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Jane Harman, says that she was not briefed to her satisfaction on this “event.” The White House won’t say why it wouldn’t comment on the story last fall, but feels free to gab about it now. The very recent declassification hasn’t been explained. The logic of using shoe bombs to hijack the plane has been questioned. Intelligence officials ranked and still rank the Library Tower very low on its list of targets—even in LA alone. However, what should be also raising eyebrows, and apparently isn’t, is first, whether this was really a threat at all (is it so hard to believe that the administration is making all of this up, or cherry-picking intelligence?), and second, that Bush was so obviously full of shit.


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