Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ill-Conceived Pandering Brings Senators’ Commitment to Democrats (and Democracy) into Question

The New York Sun is reporting that New York Senators Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton are considering—how should I put this?—not not supporting acting UN Ambassador John Bolton when his recess appointment is proffered for a re-up later this week. (The article isn’t quite clear on whether the Senators will actually vote for Bolton, or just de facto vote for him by voting for cloture.)

The change of heart, says the Sun, comes as a result of pressure from so-called pro-Israel lobbies during this period of Mideast conflict.

As a New York voter, I am disheartened by my purportedly Democratic Senators once again knuckling to the rubber stamp Republican majority. As a Jewish voter, I am offended by the crass political assumption that all of “us” would be pleased by a vote that would affirm the current Israeli government’s ill-conceived, ineffective, and brutal approach in Lebanon and Gaza, not to mention encourage the anti-diplomacy of Bush-Bolton,

It is time that all American politicos stop pandering to us Jewish-American voters with the simplistic equation that support for a sovereign Israel equals support for anything any particular Israeli government might undertake. I am able to believe in the possibilities of American democracy without endorsing Bush; I am able to believe in the possibilities of Israeli democracy without endorsing Olmert.

In addition, climbing into bed with the unprofessional and bellicose John Bolton in order to strengthen America’s hand in Middle East diplomacy is like smearing yourself with shit to show support for public sewers: you’ll disgust your friends and provide a graphic example of systemic failure. Bolton’s obstreperous presence on the Security Council makes it virtually impossible for the United Nations to take action in international trouble spots. At a time when the United States military is tied down in Iraq, our government can ill afford to hamstring UN peace-making and peacekeeping efforts in other theaters.

You’d think an administration that loves to outsource the hard stuff would know that. Certainly New York’s two Senators should.

Take action: Tell Senators Schumer and Clinton to block Bolton’s confirmation.

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